Sun Maxilink Prime: Life Insurance With Investment Plan For You

Sun Maxilink Prime combines life insurance and investment. Last 2012, my grandfather Tatang was called by the Lord. It was both a hurtful and healing experience: hurtful because we miss him every day; and healing, because he isn’t suffering anymore and he’s now at peace at the arms of the Lord. He is now serving as one of […]

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Five Things I’d Like to Tell My 25-Year Old Self

  (This week’s article is from a trusted mentor, Sir Mon Lao. Enjoy and feel free to share! – Lianne)    I had watched the movie Timecop several times. Although I know the story, I loved the idea of going back in time not to make money like the corrupt senator, but to undo the […]

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6 sneaky network marketers

The 6 Sneaky Network Marketers You Should Avoid

Like any other type of business, network marketing has both its good and bad eggs. And while they may get a bad rap along with multi-level marketing, there do exist legitimate network marketing opportunities that could change your fortunes for the better.   Whether you’re looking at car insurance providers or food products, choosing the […]

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Top 10 Life Insurance Companies in the Philippines – 2014

In starting the road to financial freedom, you need to choose which investment/insurance company you want to handle and manage your money for you. (Read: 5 Cs to Consider in Choosing Your Investment/Insurance Company) Speaking of insurance companies, the Insurance Commission has recently released their latest life insurance company rankings in the Philippines.  In the latest […]

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check your sss contributions online

How to Check Your SSS Contributions Online

Want to check your SSS contributions online? Here’s an easy process you can follow. Keeping track of your SSS contributions is a priority. Why? My friend’s father who started working when he was 26 has an SSS account. The company he worked for included SSS contribution as one of the benefits. Kampante siya, he never checked once […]

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