23 Winning Habits of Self Made Millionaires (Part One)

A self made millionaire like you needs to adapt these winning habits.
Those lotto winners that you see on TV? Their cash diminishes over time!

How about those hotshot athletes? Mike Tyson, famous boxing icon, filed for bankruptcy in August 2003!

What about those flashy celebrities who looked like they had everything in the world? Nicolas Cage, once one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actors, went broke by spending too much money on personal items (like a Tarbosaurus dinosaur skull?!) and parties.

Wealth takes time to build. Of course, time isn’t the only component needed to be a young Pinoy millionaire: there’s discipline, too. This is where habits of self-made millionaires come into play.

What awesome habits of self made millionaires can you adapt to ensure that you’re well on your way to building your Financial Fortress?

Here are 23 of them (simply because I’m turning 23 this June 26!):

1. Wake up early in the morning. 

Better yet, have a morning routine that you can count on. Bro. Bo Sanchez, millionaire preacher, claims that he wakes up at 5 am, sometimes even at 4 am! Here’s a simple tip that you may want to try – the moment your eyes open, stand up.

Waking up early in the morning can give you more time to meditate, exercise, be grateful, make your to-do list for the day and even work on your millionaire plans. (You can even use this time to calculate your net worth!)

2. Realize that money is a tool, not a possession that you should be emotionally involved with. 

Don’t get emotionally attached to money. If you do, you’ll be the servant instead of the master.

Self-made millionaires, even billionaires, aren’t driven by the thought of making money. They’re driven by the thought of what they can be able to achieve. The act of making money – what they do and who they are – drive them forward, not the money itself.

habits of self made millionaires

3. Think big…

“I like thinking big. If you’re going to be thinking anything, you might as well think big.” – Donald Trump

Have an outrageous dream. Set an out-of-this-world goal. Concentrate on achieving what you really desire. You have to work for what you really want. That way, you can appreciate the value of what your every peso can give you, right?

4. …but, start by committing small actions.

Want to earn your first million? Focus on securing your first hundred thousand for the mean time. How will you get it?

Through investing? Set up your own mutual fund account or get your own variable unit-linked product first. Don’t just think about it.

Through entrepreneurship? Establish your business by getting a small place offline or by advertising online first. Don’t get stuck with ideas.

Through a corporate ladder? Start by pinpointing the company of your choice, attending training sessions and conferences and networking with important figures in your industry.


5. Focus on That One Thing and use it to pave the way to your millionaire status. 

Find out where you’re the best at, and then do everything so that you can be the best in your given talent.

Nanay Coring of National Book Store focused on selling books and school supplies. She was a salesgirl at 18 years old. Now at 90, she can still be found selling in the book store.

Henry Sy focused on selling American shoes when he was in his early 20s. Now, his Shoe Mart malls can be found nationwide.

A dietitian by profession, Corazon D. Ong founded CDO Foods and sold processed meat products. Her products such as corned beef and hamburger patties can be bought in your favorite grocery.

6. Conquer your Comfort Zone. 

Your success can be found outside your comfort zone. Every day, do something that you’re scared of.

Don’t like asking questions? Then you can’t ask a financial advisor to give you more information on how you can secure you and your family’s future.

Don’t like talking in public? Then you can’t tell people about your latest venture/advocacy/vision.

Don’t like reaching out to people? Then you can’t make yourself valuable to anybody!

7. Believe in yourself. Seriously. Don’t beat yourself up, even if nobody seems to be supporting you anymore. 

Don’t let people tell you that you can’t do something. Find out for yourself: don’t just take their word for it!

Some people would tell you that you can’t do something just because they weren’t able to achieve anything in their lives. (Sounds harsh? That’s because it’s true.)

If you want something, be prepared to work hard for it.

8. Be frugal, not cheap. 

Learn the art of priority purchasing.

Quality, not quantity, is king. Also, spend only on priority, not on useless stuff that will only collect dust in your closet.

9. Save money automatically. 

Every time you close a sale, you receive a salary or an allowance, or you obtain money of any kind, aim to save at least 5% of it.

Now, you might be thinking: 5% is such a tiny percent! I’ll make it 30%!


I promise you that you’ll be tempted to withdraw what you deposited if you started with a large percent at first.

Start with 5%. And do it automatically. It’s better to start small and then move forward rather than to start big and move backward.

So many habits, so little time. Let’s take a breather first. Take time to actually commit to doing these habits first, then watch out for Part Two of this blog post on habits of self made millionaires.

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