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Top Three Money Lessons from Mother

Happy Mother’s Day to your mothers! (This blog post is dedicated to my mother, Marites.) 

These money lessons from mother may be applicable to your mom’s money teaching as well.

Your mother may be considered as one of the most influential persons in your life. I know in my life, she is. Think about it: she is the one who gave birth to me, the one who took care of me when I was hospitalized for dengue, and she’s also the one who taught me how to read, how to dance (?), and how to overcome my crazy fear of Jollibee mascots.

Now, what are the money concepts that she passed on to me? Here are the top three:

1. You’ve got to work for money, not to simply ask for it. 

Money Lesson: You can only appreciate the value of peso when you earned it by yourself.

When I was growing up, we didn’t have house-help, so my mother would often be the “Operations Commander” of the whole household. She didn’t have a lot of subordinates (it was only me and LJ was still a toddler at that time), so more often than not, when she instructed something, she’d also be the one to implement it.

One day, I asked money from her so that I could buy a burger steak meal from Jollibee. She said that I had to wash our clothes first.

At first, I refused. I mean, sure, I wanted the burger steak, but I didn’t want to do any work!

After a while, though, all those commercials caught up to me and I decided to take my mother up on her offer. After washing the clothes and hanging them off to dry, my mother gave me P50.

“You only washed a few of them,” she said. “So P50 is enough.”

“But ma, I wanted two burger steak meals!”

“Well then,” my mother smiled, “I guess it’s time for you to clean your room, no?” 

2. Be generous to yourself first, before being generous to others. 

Money Lesson: Blessing others financially is admirable, but, being a blessing to others is more noble.

One of the most practical money lessons from mother is to recognize the fact that being generous by always giving money to your loved ones isn’t that much of a good thing, after all. Simply giving money to everyone just because you want to “help” them won’t really help them! Instead, it’ll make them feel self-entitled and lazy!

Don’t just bless your family and friends with money. Money is tangible – it’s also disposable.

Bless your loved ones by giving them the ability to earn money all by themselves instead. This is a skill that can last them throughout their lifetime.

3. If you don’t learn to budget while you’re still earning low, what makes you think you can budget when your earnings are already high? 

Money Lesson: Your budget is your financial blueprint. Without it, your financial foundation won’t last very long.

Every first day of the week, my mother would give me my whole week’s worth of allowance. So, when I was still young, I learned and applied the concept of budgeting and planning early.

Of course, at first, there were times when I miscalculated. There were also times when I spent more because I was (am) addicted to tea lattes.

And there were also times when it’s only Wednesday and yet I have no allowance anymore. I tried crying, I tried setting up my own amusement park in my room, and I even tried selling my books, but to no avail, I didn’t have enough money left to last me the week! This made me realize that planning my budget is important, but actually following the budget takes a lot of discipline and commitment.

Since my mama’s one of the few people who managed to be there for me for the major parts in my life, I could say that her outlook in life and her perspectives on money also influenced my own behavior on personal finance. Now, it’s YOUR turn:

What money lessons from mother can you share with us?

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