Hello and welcome to Young Pinoy Millionaire. Thank you so much for taking the time to browse through this site. I hope I could see you right now to personally greet you! (As creepy as that sounded, I assure you of my utmost sincerity.)

What is Young Pinoy Millionaire?

Young Pinoy Millionaire is a personal finance, investment and business website for 20-something Filipinos. It aims to help 20-somethings, enrich their lives and maybe even inspire them along the process. It wants to aid you in realizing that, yes, you might consider yourself ordinary, but yes, you can also be able to do extraordinary things.

Who’s Lianne? 

Hey, that’s me! :) Here’s a little self-made profile done in a third-person POV to illustrate:  The founder of this blog is Lianne Martha Laroya. She is 22 years old as of this writing.

Hi, Lianne here! Nice to (virtually) meet you! 

As a registered nurse, Lianne believes that nursing is not measured in terms of experience or awards. It’s also not measured in how many years you’ve spent in the hospital, how many injections you’ve given or how many charts you’ve touched!

Nursing is measured in terms of how many lives you’ve touched. It’s as simple as that!

Serving others is nursing. Helping other people reach their dreams is nursing. Treating other people the way you would treat God is nursing.

Lianne is also a licensed financial advisor, a book author and a soon-to-be Registered Financial Planner.




Yes, I write for a living. But I also live for writing! I’m passionate in helping other people improve their lives for the best.

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Giving Back

These are the charitable institutions that I wholeheartedly support:Kerygma Family

World Vision Philippines

Books for a Cause

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About Lianne Martha Maiquez Laroya

Hi! Thank you for dropping by and visiting YoungPinoyMillionaire.com. I am Lianne Laroya, Licensed Financial Advisor of Sun Life Financial. I'm authorized by the Insurance Commission to act as Insurance Agent and by the Securities and Exchange Commission to act as Investment Solicitor. You can call me at 0906 243 5059 (Phone/Viber) or email me at liannemarthamlaroya@gmail.com or email me at liannemartha.m.laroya@sunlife.com.ph My office is located at 12th Floor, Frabelle Building, 111 Rada St., Makati City. My inspiring network of clients include OFWs, doctors, entrepreneurs and young Pinoy professionals but I serve all members of the society. Most of my clients are based in Metro Manila but I also have clients from Laguna, Pampanga, Bulacan, Pangasinan and Cavite. Want to get FREE Sun Life proposal for yourself? Just click this and submit >>> If you want to open your own investment+income protection+savings account, life insurance, investment account, or you just want to ask something, you can contact Lianne via liannemartha.m.laroya@sunlife.com.ph or text/call her via 0906-243-5059 via mobile/Viber.

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