Five Things I’d Like to Tell My 25-Year Old Self


(This week’s article is from a trusted mentor, Sir Mon Lao. Enjoy and feel free to share! – Lianne) 


I had watched the movie Timecop several times. Although I know the story, I loved the idea of going back in time not to make money like the corrupt senator, but to undo the mistakes I have done in the past.

In one scenario, the corrupt senator said, “Never interrupt me when I am talking to my (younger) self”. He was trying to change the future by telling his younger self to change his erratic decision.

Now, if only I had the chance to talk to my 25-year old self, here are five things I want to say:


Learn via seminars. I was a person who hated seminars before. Seminars bored me to death. Seminars, whether free or paid, are a great way to increase your knowledge. If you are invited to an MLM seminar, give time to it even if you do not join. The point is you learn more sales techniques or more real-life skills than you would have from school.

Get insurance. Even single young people need insurance.


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Insurance nowadays is not only about death benefit, but also about living benefit. A lot of critical illnesses strike the younger generation because of poor lifestyle, increased stress and even overfatigue.  Once critical illness strikes, one’s life savings may not be enough to cover the expenses for treatment. Insurance will protect us from such risks if ever they occur.

Invest in mutual funds while you are young.  Ever since I was a child, I am already a natural saver.


Little did I know that as I save, I am paying myself. Every peso I earn, I put it in my piggy bank and when full, I transfer it to my bank account.


Whenever my savings account earns interest, I am happy because that interest is a passive income. The more I save, the more I earn.


However, in my early twenties, only insurance agents approached me to offer insurance. There were no other instruments offered to me!


If I were to advise myself, I would encourage myself to make my money grow via mutual funds. Had I invested that time, my money would have grown to 38 times as of today.


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Get married early. I married at a late age of 32 and had my first-born at a late age of 37. Every delay in deciding to get married results to higher cost of baby items such as milk, higher cost of education fee which escalates yearly. I had a friend who married at age 24 and now he has finished his responsibilities. Getting married early is just similar to investing early. Just make sure you want to tie the knot with your special someone.

Listen to your parents. There were times I was stubborn to my parents especially when I think I am right. But I was always proven wrong. As my parents will often tell me, “You are just starting your journey, and we are already on our way back. So we already know the result that awaits you”.


No matter how much we do not understand our parents, the fact is our parents loves and cares for us just like God does.


How about you? What do you want to tell your younger self? If you are 25 now, it is time to face the mirror and talk to yourself.



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