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Online Jobs: 3 Profitable Sidelines for the Young Pinoys

“Oh no! Really?”

That was my first reaction upon hearing a young call canter employee on T.V. today sharing his experience of going to work while Typhoon Mario was battering the country.

Who can blame him for going? Everyone has to protect their income source, and going beyond the call of duty is often called for not only for promotion but just to keep the status quo.

Cash inlfow is the lifeblood of personal finance. Without it, any investing principle will be meaningless. Hence, we protect this even to the point of risking our own safety.

Sometimes, you can’t help but wonder, “Do I even have a choice?”

No Choice Syndrome

The reason you feel “No Choice Syndrome” is because of fear.

Fear of losing the job, being unable to provide for your family, and not knowing where your career you’ll go next. The most crippling of which is the fear of UNCERTAINTY.

This uncertainty stems from the fact that we rely solely on one source of income. I’ve heard of senior managers, directors even executives who were laid off at their advanced age and are at a loss of where to go.

This is damn scary.

Even if you do your jobs to the best of your abilities, you are always subject to things you can’t control – economic recessions, horrible bosses or natural disasters etc.

Any of these factors can see your career tank despite years of loyal dedication to work.

It’s always sexy to say that you should FIRE YOUR BOSS and BE YOUR OWN BOSS and start your business.

Let’s face it, not everyone is cut our to be an entrepreneur and not everyone wishes to be one.

If you can’t fire your boss, what can you do?


Hire a New Boss (or Two!)

Roughly 10% of the Philippine population is working abroad. Mainly because people get paid better for the same talent abroad than they get here. In turn sacrificing quality time with family and friends and suffering from homesickness each and everyday.

The internet has been a gamechanger. It has allowed for a borderless world – no more long distance calls with Skype, right?

That holds true from employment as well.

In an article from, Ron Cirujano, Elance-oDesk country manager, mentioned that online freelancers have earned approximately Php9 Billion (yes, with a huge “B”) over the past 4 years.

You know what that means?


Online jobs have been picking up the pace the past few years and it is widely done on a part-time basis by a lot of employees. A lot of whom eventually turn full-time once their income is sufficient to replace their salary.

You see, by having more than one boss (your employer and freelance employer), you’re actually positioning yourself with options that will allow you to expand the number of means for which you can provide and eradicate that feeling of “no choice”.


3 Profitable Online Jobs You Can Do Fast

 Online Data Entry

Organizations outsource data entry jobs to cut costs and make their operations flow smoother without using their own resources.

Types of online data entry jobs:

=> Observing images and manually typing the text out that those images contain.

=> Typing information from the web into a database  (i.e. contact and addresses of businesses).

=> Transcribing audio or verbal recordings.

=> Proofreading and editing of text

=> Others (Essentially things that mainly involve typing or keystrokes)


Freelance Writing

You read newspapers, books, website content, blogs, user manuals, Facebook posts, tweets, the fine print in your contract etc. All of these contains text and there is an every growing need for information in the form of the written word.

Types of freelance writing jobs:

=> Web Content

=> Blogs

=> Magazine Freelancer

=> Catalog Description Writer

=> Advertising Copywriter

=> Ghost Writing (don’t worry, this isn’t scary)

=> Business Plan Writing

=> Musician / Band Bios

=> FAQs

=> Speech Writing etc.


Microstock Photography

An amazing photo can capture your attention.

It brings out emotions in one instant that words can’t relay. Bringing out these emotions are critical for presentations, websites, blogs, books etc. that want to send a message and convert readers to customers. Companies are willing to pay you for photos that can help them achieve their goals (and avoid copyright infractions by using photos from the internet).

Types of photographs that sell:

=> Portrait Photography (Image that conveys emotion)

=> Still image photography (Especially food and technology)

=> Travel Photos (Capture some essence of what it’s like to be there – imagine riding a Gondola in Venice) etc.

Want to take it to the next level?

Are you itching to try this out? As a reader of Young Pinoy Millionaire, You can learn more  about these sidelines with this free report: Online Sideline for Pinoys: 6 Profitable Sidelines You Can Do Online Without Quitting Your Day Job

Create your choice and hire your second boss!