Online Jobs: 3 Profitable Sidelines for the Young Pinoys

online jobs

“Oh no! Really?”

That was my first reaction upon hearing a young call canter employee on T.V. today sharing his experience of going to work while Typhoon Mario was battering the country.

Who can blame him for going? Everyone has to protect their income source, and going beyond the call of duty is often called for not only for promotion but just to keep the status quo.

Cash inlfow is the lifeblood of personal finance. Without it, any investing principle will be meaningless. Hence, we protect this even to the point of risking our own safety.

Sometimes, you can’t help but wonder, “Do I even have a choice?”

What is Sun Maxilink Bright? Life Insurance and Education Fund

sun maxilink bright

Sun Life’s Sun Maxilink Bright is your best bet to start and save up for your children’s education fund. 

Let me ask you this – Do you have kids?

If you do, then follow up questions is, do you want your kids to have a great education so that they can be prepared to tackle their own future?

YES: You need an education fund.

But that’s not all you need! You need life insurance, too, so that if you pass away, you can still financially provide for your family child’s college.

Sun Flexilink1 and Sun Maxilink One: Better Than Your Bank’s Time Deposit

sun flexilink1

Sun Flexilink1 has historically given better returns than your bank’s time deposit account. 

The same goes with Sun Maxilink One. 

Do you have your own bank’s time deposit right now? Yes? Okay, then.

Let me guess the rates that you’re enjoying - not more than 3% per year, right? 

sun flexilink1

Did you know that on average, our inflation rate is 4%?

This simply means that the prices of goods and services increase by 4% each year.

But your time deposit only gives you <2% a year to “increase” your money’s value.

You don’t need to be a genius in Math to realize that putting your money in a time deposit account actually doesn’t earn you any income. Whichever way you look at it, lugi ka pa. 

If you have money in the bank’s time deposit account, and you won’t even touch it for let’s say, two years or so, why don’t you transfer it to a high-earning investment such as Sun Flexilink1 instead?

Your money in a time deposit account can’t even beat the inflation rate of the country…

5 Steps to Register in Philhealth Online

register in philhealth online

You need to register in Philhealth online.

Amidst all the pork barrel controversies and the political dynasty issues – not to mention the debates on the price of a cake (Magkano nga ba talaga?” – you may feel like losing faith in the government and totally ignoring all their programs.

You shouldn’t.

Philhealth is an amazing government program that you need to take advantage of. Why? Unlike your TIN, your Philhealth has  helpful benefits that can lessen your cost of hospitalization.

What is Sun Maxilink Prime? Life Insurance with Investment Plan

sun maxilink prime

Heard of Sun Life’s Sun Maxilink Prime before? 

Sun Maxilink Prime is Sun Life’s investment-linked life insurance plan which is the popular choice among Filipino OFWs, professionals and entrepreneurs. Personally, I am also a proud owner of a Sun Maxilink Prime policy which I availed of when I was still in my early 20s, simply because I strongly believe in the benefits that it can give you and your loved ones. 

Are you the breadwinner of your family right now?

YES: If you’re the breadwinner, you need sufficient amount of life insurance coverage. So when you pass away, you can still financially provide for your family because your family will receive a lump sum cash benefit. 

What is Sun Life’s Sun Flexilink Assist? It’s Health & Wealth Solution from Sun Life

Sun Life - Sun FlexiLink Assist

Sun Flexilink Assist – Sun Life’s newest VUL 

Did you know that out of 100 Filipinos who get hospitalized:

- 95% of them would sacrifice their savings, and,

- more than half of them would borrow from their relatives so they can pay their medical debts?