be financially free

6 Reasons To Be Financially Free

Let me ask you an old-age question: Why do you want to go into a business? Well, if you can’t answer that yet, why don’t we ask several follow-up questions, then? What is your reason for going to work each day? What’s the reason for wanting to earn more than enough money? You can’t find an answer […]

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pay sun life online

Pay Sun Life Online (BPI Express Online) via Online Bills Payment

Want to pay Sun Life online through your BPI Bills Payment facility? Of course you can. Most VUL accounts (and even traditional life insurance accounts) lapse and some of them even terminate permanently (thereby eliminating your overall benefits) because of inconsistency in depositing. Why does inconsistency happen? It’s because of two factors: inconvenience of the deposit method and forgetfulness of the depositor. […]

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financial emergencies

4 Financial Emergencies You Need To Prepare For

Your emergency fund is there. But, what exactly are you watching out for? In life, nothing is a sure thing. Financial emergencies may happen. The question is – will you be prepared for them? One minute, you may be enjoying your stay in a luxurious hotel in Tagaytay. The pool may be a crystal clear […]

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pinoy millionaire

3 Cs of Young Pinoy Millionaires

Do you have what it takes?  Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be born from a millionaire family, you don’t have to win the lotto and you don’t have to be a famous celebrity to be a successful and young millionaire. You also don’t need to be hugely talented or inhumanely gorgeous! To […]

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23 Winning Habits of Self Made Millionaires (Part One)

A self made millionaire like you needs to adapt these winning habits. Those lotto winners that you see on TV? Their cash diminishes over time! How about those hotshot athletes? Mike Tyson, famous boxing icon, filed for bankruptcy in August 2003! What about those flashy celebrities who looked like they had everything in the world? […]

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