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Sun Flexilink1 and Sun Maxilink One: Better Than Your Bank’s Time Deposit

Sun Flexilink1 has historically given better returns than your bank’s time deposit account. 

The same goes with Sun Maxilink One. 

Do you have your own bank’s time deposit right now? Yes? Okay, then.

Let me guess the rates that you’re enjoying – not more than 3% per year, right? 

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Did you know that on average, our inflation rate is 4%?

This simply means that the prices of goods and services increase by 4% each year.

But your time deposit only gives you <2% a year to “increase” your money’s value.

You don’t need to be a genius in Math to realize that putting your money in a time deposit account actually doesn’t earn you any income. Whichever way you look at it, lugi ka pa. 

If you have money in the bank’s time deposit account, and you won’t even touch it for let’s say, two years or so, why don’t you transfer it to a high-earning investment such as Sun Flexilink1 instead?

Your money in a time deposit account can’t even beat the inflation rate of the country…

What are Sun Flexilink1 and Sun Maxilink One? 

They are both single-investment VUL. (Variable Unit-Linked Life Insurance) 

Meaning, it combines income protection plus investment for your future.

 Sun Flexilink1 and Sun Maxilink One are both products that provide financial protection PLUS the flexibility to choose where your premium will be invested. Your money is carefully invested by the company’s fund managers so you get the best out of your hard-earned peso.

How can Sun Flexilink1 or Sun Maxilink One help you?

So aside from the historical higher rates, you even receive additional benefits such as:

1. Life Insurance Benefits (Income Protection) 

Well, if God calls you immediately, your family will receive a lump sum of money that they can use to fund your final expenses and their lifestyle. Whatever happens, your dreams for your children and life partner are still alive.

2. Accident Benefit 

– Your loved ones can receive an additional benefit if you pass away due to an accident.

3. Investment Component 

So you can prepare for your:

– own personal retirement (you don’t want to work forever, right?); or,

– your child’s college education (so you can just relax and have a peace of mind in the future)

How can you start transferring your money in a time deposit to Sun Flexilink1 or to Sun Maxilink One instead? 

To give you an example, one client of mine has been a time deposit account holder for several years now. Her P500,000 in the bank only gives her P5,000 – a return of 1% a year only. To illustrate:


Because of inflation rate of 4% a year, you would need the following amounts in the future. 

sun flexilink1


But, if you just put your money in a time deposit, it would “grow”…

sun flexilink1

2 years from now, your P500,000 needs to be 540,800 so you can retain its value.

But because it’s just in a time deposit account, your P500,000 only became P510,050. You actually lost more money, didn’t you?

When my friend realized this, she immediately took the time out to withdraw her time deposit account and open a Sun Maxilink One account instead.

If you have less than 250,000 – get Sun Flexilink1.

But if you have more than 250,000 – Sun Maxilink One is for you.

Yes, the minimum investment for Sun Flexilink1 is only P100,000. You have that in your time deposit account,right? Then instead of making your money bleed with just the super low interest rates, why don’t you put it in a better investment vehicle?

sun flexilink1

Of course if you invested more than P100k, expect the benefits to be greater in value also.

Let’s compare Sun Maxilink One with other bank’s time deposit rates:


sun maxilink one

Tell me – why are you getting contented with time deposits only?

To be a Young Pinoy Millionaire, you have to always beat inflation and make you money work more for you! Get started with your very own Sun Flexilink1 / Sun Maxilink One right away: please fill out this form so you can start investing.  

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