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What is Sun Life’s Sun Flexilink Assist? It’s Health & Wealth Solution from Sun Life

Sun Flexilink Assist – Sun Life’s newest VUL 

Did you know that out of 100 Filipinos who get hospitalized:

– 95% of them would sacrifice their savings, and,

– more than half of them would borrow from their relatives so they can pay their medical debts?

Now, even though you may not believe this statistical fact, you may simply be aware of a relative who used to work so hard and save up so much – just to have all his money taken from him because he fell ill! Sad, right?

You’re already investing in mutual funds so your money can gain higher potential interest.

But if you get sick, your family may have a hard time withdrawing your investment to pay for your health expenses. Or if you pass away, your family may need to pay for estate tax before they can use your money.

What do you need to combat all these problems, then?

You need a life insurance solution with accident & disability protectionhealth and hospitalization benefits plus the potential for wealth accummulation through investing.

This is exactly what Sun Life’s new VUL solution, Sun Flexilink Assist, is.

sun life - sun flexilink assist

Sun Flexilink Assist already combines life insurance, health insurance and investment component in just one package.

(READ: VUL = Life Insurance + Investment Rolled Into One?)

Sun Flexilink Assist has:

1. Life Insurance Benefits (Income Protection) 

– If something happens to you, your family receives a guaranteed lump sum. So, even if you’re already with God, your dreams for your loved ones will still live.

2. Accident and Disability Protection

– Your loved ones can receive an additional benefit if you pass away due to an accident.

– If you get certified as totally disabled, you can still continue the plan because Sun Life will continue your Sun Flexilink Assist plan for you.

3. Health and Hospitalization Benefits 

– If you get diagnosed with any of the 36 specified illnesses, you get to receive a lump sum that you can use for your treatment.

sun life - sun flexilink assist

– You also get a hospital income benefit which can serve as your allowance once you’re confined in the hospital. You don’t have salary if you stop working, so this is a good way to fund your lifestyle even when you’re resting.

4. Investment Component 

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So you can prepare for your:

– own personal retirement (you don’t want to work forever, right?); or,

– your child’s college education (so you can just relax and have a peace of mind in the future).

How much should you set aside for this?

It primarily depends on your age, sex, smoking status and budget.

For example, for a 25-year old non-smoker who wants to get the minimum for Sun Flexilink Assist, the annual deposit will only be 30,850/year or 2,571/month. 

If you think about it this way, your 86 pesos/day can already give you the following benefits:

sun flexilink assist sun life

Of course, if you’re older, expect the required amount to be more expensive, so better to start earlier, don’t you think?

Even Bam Aquino thinks so too!

sun flexilink assist sun life

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