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What is Sun Maxilink Bright? Life Insurance and Education Fund

Sun Life’s Sun Maxilink Bright is your best bet to start and save up for your children’s education fund. 

Let me ask you this – Do you have kids?

If you do, then follow up questions is, do you want your kids to have a great education so that they can be prepared to tackle their own future?

YES: You need an education fund.

But that’s not all you need! You need life insurance, too, so that if you pass away, you can still financially provide for your family child’s college.

What if I told you that you can get a:

– life insurance protection that can cover you until age 88 and

– with an investment component that can give you higher potential returns than banks for your retirement…

for only P94/day?


Now, you can get income protection and start on your lovely children’s education fund through Sun Life’s Sun Maxilink Bright. 

What is Sun Maxilink Bright?

Simply put, Sun Maxilink Bright is a VUL. (Variable Unit-Linked Life Insurance) 

VUL is thought of a combo meal like in fast foods, because it combines life insurance and investment.

Mr. Aya Laraya of Pesos and Sense explains it clearly when he says:

Life Insurance + Mutual Fund Investment = VUL

You understand that the life insurance part is for when something happens to you, your family will get a benefit so that they’re financially protected…

But you know, if you’re still alive and well, it’s perfectly okay because you and your family can still get a benefit too!

How can Sun Maxilink Bright help you prepare for your child’s college fund in the future?

sun maxilink bright


It has:

1. Life Insurance Benefits (Income Protection) 

*knock on wood* But, if God calls you unexpectedly, your family will get a financial benefit in the form of a lump sum of money that they can use to fund your child’s college tuition and miscellaneous expenses. This way, your dreams for your children will still live and be achieved by your loved ones. 🙂

2. Accident and Disability Protection

– If your cause of expiration is due to an accident, your loved ones will receive an additional monetary benefit.

– If you get medically diagnosed as totally disabled, you can still continue the plan because Sun Life will continue your Sun Maxilink Bright plan for you, for as long as your disability lasts during the premium payment period.

3. Investment Component 

So you can prepare for your:

– your child’s college education (so you can just relax and have a peace of mind in the future).

Why do you need to invest – NOT just save – for your child’s college fund? 

The cost of tuition fees is rising every year…

The average tuition fee increase per unit for school year 2013-2014 is 8.5% per year nationwide.

sun maxilink bright

And yet your money in the bank’s time deposit is only giving you 1-2% per year. 

If your son or daughter is still a toddler, today is the perfect time for you to start preparing for their college fund. You need to invest right now while you still have the time. 

This is where the investment component of Sun Maxilink Bright comes in.

This time, you don’t even need to die just to get it.  You just need to plant your seed (invest) and take care of it for a few years so that when the time comes that your child is going off to college, you can harvest the fruits and use the investment fund for his education.

This is great because you’ll invest for a short time only, but then you can use the money you invested in the future. Even if you earn less, or you spend more in the future, you won’t go broke trying to fund your son/daughter’s college. Instead, you’re happy and your child’s college is taken care of because you started planning – and actually investing! – for their college fund when they were still young. 🙂

You want to get Sun Maxilink Bright – but how much do you need to budget for it?

As we’ve mentioned before, you can get your own minimum Sun Maxilink Bright by setting aside at least P2,800/month.

This is the minimum example for a 30-year old non-smoker male (James) who has a 1-year old son named Harry.

For example, James comes up to me and says, “Lianne, my son Harry will enter college when he’s 19! He’s already one-year old right now. What should I do?”

And I say, “James, your son is your dependent, so he depends on your income. First, let’s ask, if something happens to you and you leave your family, will your wife Lily and your son Harry be able to receive financial benefit?”

And James says “None. I also don’t have life insurance.”

This is where I make him a proposal for Sun Maxilink Bright. 

sun maxilink bright

It primarily depends on your age, sex, smoking status and budget.


This is only 2,800/month!

So translate that to P94/day. Compare this to your “gourmet” cup of coffee a day, only this time, your P94 can provide for your kid’s college fund in the future. 🙂

If you’re younger, expect a cheaper Sun Maxilink Bright proposal.

If you’re older (but still awesome!), expect it to be a bit more expensive.

As always, to be a Young Pinoy Millionaire, you need to start earlier!

sun maxilink bright


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