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Sun Maxilink Prime: All About Sun Life’s Top-Selling VUL Plan

Heard of Sun Life’s Sun Maxilink Prime before? 

Sun Maxilink Prime is Sun Life’s investment-linked life insurance plan which is the popular choice among Filipino OFWs, professionals and entrepreneurs.

Personally, I am also a proud owner of a Sun Maxilink Prime policy which I availed of when I was still in my early 20s, simply because I strongly believe in the benefits that it can give you and your loved ones. 

Are you the breadwinner of your family right now?

YES: If you’re the breadwinner, you need sufficient amount of life insurance coverage. So when you pass away, you can still financially provide for your family because your family will receive a lump sum cash benefit. 

NO: If you’re not the breadwinner, you  still need at least the minimum life insurance coverage to pay for your final expenses when you pass away. Along with the emotional burden of passing away, you don’t want to inflict financial burden as well, do you? 

What if you can get this Sun Maxilink Prime policy with:

– life insurance protection that can cover you until age 88 and

– with an investment component that can give you higher potential returns than banks for your retirement…

for only P52/day?

sun maxilink prime


Now, you can get protection and start on your retirement fund through Sun Life’s Sun Maxilink Prime. 

What is Sun Maxilink Prime?

Simply put, Sun Maxilink Prime is a VUL. (Variable Unit-Linked Life Insurance)

When you get this policy, a portion of your premium or payment is used to pay the life insurance cost and another portion is invested into an investment fund (like a mutual fund).

Where will your money be invested? You have the choice among equity fund, bond fund, balanced fund, etc. What’s great about investing it is you can get potential returns which can beat bank’s interest rates, so better value for your money’s growth. 

Nosebleed? It shouldn’t be! What this just means is that a part of your deposit goes to life insurance payments and another part goes to a mutual-fund like investment!

Mr. Aya Laraya of Pesos and Sense explains it clearly when he says:

Life Insurance + Mutual Fund Investment = VUL


How can Sun Maxilink Prime help you?

sun maxilink prime

It has:

1. Life Insurance Benefits (Income Protection) 

If you pass away too soon, your loved ones will receive a lump sum of money that they can use to fund your final expenses and their lifestyle. At least when you pass away, your dreams for your children and life partner will still live with them.

2. Accident and Disability Protection

– Your loved ones can receive an additional benefit if you pass away due to an accident.

– If you get certified as totally disabled, you can still continue the plan because Sun Life will continue your Sun Maxilink Prime plan for you. If you’re officially totally disabled, since Sun Life pays for your plan, the plan is considered paid in full already. 

3. Investment Component 

As we said earlier, a portion of your premium is invested.

So you can prepare for your:

Own Personal retirement (you don’t want to work forever, right?)

I know that GSIS or SSS cannot make me a millionaire when I retire, so I decided to get Sun Maxilink Prime to supplement my income in the future. 

– your child’s college education (so you can just relax and have a peace of mind in the future).

* Want to include health insurance? You can add Critical Illness Benefit rider which will cover 36 major illnesses such as heart attack, stroke, cancer, kidney failure and others.


Yes, another benefit. What’s great with this Sun Life VUL is the investment benefit. This time, you don’t even need to die just to get it. This is great because you get to enjoy your retirement.

How? Simply use your investment fund for your daily expenses during retirement. You can use the investment fund value when you’re older to pay for your utility bills, travel enjoyment and food expenses. You can even use this money for medical expenses! 

This way, even if you’re old and unemployed, you’re not broke. Instead, you’re happy and well-cared for because you started planning your retirement when you’re still young.


How much do you need to set aside for Sun Maxilink Prime?

You can get your own minimum Sun Maxilink Prime by setting aside at least P1,500/month.

What if you can afford to shell out more, then?

For example, a 30-year old, non-smoker male wants 1 million life insurance death benefit. His annual deposit is only 28,800/year.

This is only 2,400/month! Be honest, you spend 2,400 every weekend, don’t you think

You dine out and watch movies and spend P2,400. 🙂 

Nothing’s wrong with this – but make sure to strike a balance. Enjoy today, but enjoy the future too by preparing for it.

This is only 80/day. Parang 1-piece chickenjoy lang with drink. 

Sun Maxilink Prime for Mr. Free (male, 30-year old, non-smoker)

Annual Premium: Php 28,800 (12 months advance payment) 

Semi-Annual Premium: Php 14,400 (6 months advance payment) 

Quarterly Premium: Php 7,200 (3 months advance payment)

Monthly: Php 2,400 

Daily: Php 80

Mr. Free has a budget, so he chose the Annual payment method. You can choose to pay annual, semi-annual or quarterly method. 


– Mr. Free’s family will receive P1 million pesos plus investment value at the time of death when he passes away. 

– He has Total Disability Benefit so if he is officially totally disabled, Sun Life pays for his plan and his Sun Maxilink Prime is considered paid in full already. 

– He has Accidental Death Benefit so his loved ones can receive an additional benefit of P500,000 if he passes away due to an accident.

Plus Investment Benefits in Sun Maxilink Prime 

This plan has an investment component so Sun Life’s professional fund managers will handle your investment for you. 🙂 

Mr. Free has annual premium of P28,800. He will pay and invest it for 10 years, so his total investment is P288,000.

P288,000 after 10 years: 351,614

P288,000 after 20 years: 877,005

P288,000 at age 65: 3,516,147

Mr. Free just invested P288,000 and he has life insurance benefit of P1 million PLUS retirement fund of P3.5 million at age 65. 

Not bad for just P80/day, don’t you think so? 

You don’t want to work forever. 

If you want to retire comfortably, better start preparing while you’re still young. Your money can grow more. As you grow, your money grows with you. 

If you’re also looking for educational fund, Sun Maxilink Prime is a good solution to get, especially if you get it as early as your child is born. After 18 years, you can already use the fund value to pay for your child’s tuition. 

If you’re younger, expect a cheaper Sun Maxilink Prime proposal.

If you’re older (but still awesome!), expect it to be a bit more expensive.

As always, to be a Young Pinoy Millionaire, you need to start earlier! Don’t you think so, James Yap?


Start as early as now. It’s more affordable! 
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